Wilson Clash 100 V2 (295g)

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Grip: 2

The most popular model in the Clash collection which is ideal for versatile players looking for a blend of power, comfort and control.


Weight (unstrung): 295 g
Screen size: 645 cm² / 100in
Length: 685mm
Balance (unstrung): 310 mm
String pattern: 16/19


The flagship model of the revolutionary and ultra-popular Clash range, the Clash 100 v2 slightly revisits this high-performance racquet to offer greater consistency and durability, as well as a design that delivers on all fronts. This racket will immediately seduce with its mix of flexibility and stability providing unique sensations. The modified construction at the end of the frame offers better playability thanks to the impact point having been greatly enlarged. The plant-based Agiplast bumper, eyelets and tip incorporate sustainable components to reduce the ecological footprint. The Clash logo embossed on the heart brings the finishing touch to this racket which combines a dynamic look with even more dynamic performance.

  • The 100 in² (645 cm²) head size and racket weight provide an ideal balance of power and control
  • FORTYFIVE° features a patented carbon construction that generates maximum flexibility and stability at impact to deliver an uncompromising blend of power, control and feel
  • The modified structure at the end of the frame offers more regularity and a wider point of impact
  • The innovative design features the Clash logo embossed on the heart and an anodized elastic finish for a clean and opulent look on the court
  • Horizontal flex creates unmatched flexibility for increased control during traditional horizontal swings
  • Vertical flex increases ball retention time for players using modern vertical swings

Sieve size: 645 cm²
Weight (unstrung): 295 g
Balance (unstrung): 310 mm