Slazenger Panther Icon padel racket

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Panther Series ICON is a powerful teardrop racquet with an optimized weight at 360-375gr.

Produced with a 12K carbon hard EVA core and surface with a more focused balance on top gives you solid power and speed. For skilled players who demand extra control, our Panther Grooves provide the perfect spin.


Racket shape: Diamond
Frame: 12K Carbon
Foam: Eva
Weight: 360-375g
Thickness: 38 mm


Slazenger Padel Challenge No.4 is a lightweight round racket From beginners to mid-level players who prefer a lighter racket, the Panther grooves give you the ability to easily create spins and controls. Produced with a soft EVA core and surface made of 3K carbon, the medium balance gives you enough power and speed, with an optimized weight of around 350g.