Nox Equation Advanced 2024 padel racket

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The EQUATION Advanced combines maneuverability, control and precision with great touch and a large sweet spot proportionate to the combination of rubber that is used in professional palates. The EQUATION Advanced is a pala with medium balance, a carbon frame and an anti-vibration system to protect players from injuries.
The roughness of your bodies is guided by a base of 3D transparent blades helping players produce the greatest effects on your glasses.
Includes the Smartstrap® replaceable safety lanyard system, now evolved in a compact piece for added strength and safety. More hygienic, safer and more customizable.


Racket shape: Round
Frame: Fiberglass
Foam: HR3
Weight: 360-375g
Thickness: 38 mm
Balance: Center


Round shapewith a widened sweet spot (strike zone), with typing comfort and good tolerance on off-center strikes.

Middleweight Balanceoffering great overall stability.

Carbon frameproviding rigidity and solidity, and power, reinforced by the balance of weight at the head of the racket.

Eva HR3 Core rubber racquet corerelatively soft, with shape memory effect, offering elasticity and flexibility, while providing good firmness to promote striking power. This rubber, which is a little denser than Eva Soft, allows for more aggressive play, while retaining the properties of the soft rubber in terms of comfort and performance.

3k fiberglass coating, with interwoven layers forming small squares, with a metallic top layer offering flexibility and comfort, with excellent touch on the ball. This 3K fiber has a heavier weight than standard carbon fiber, giving the racket greater durability.

Dynamic Composit Structure, a manufacturing process reinforcing materials from the surface to the interior of the structure in order to solidify and stiffen it.

AVS system: vibration absorption system protecting your arm and joints.

3D texture: rough varnish applied to the last layer of the sieve faces to accentuate the ball effects.

Smartstrap: exclusive Nox technology allowing you to change the strap of your racket.