Nox AT10 Luxury GENIUS Attack 18K 2024 padel racket

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Designed with Agustín Tapia for the 2024 season for all players looking for maximum aggressiveness in their attacking shots, with a diamond shape. The NOX AT Genius Attack 18K now offers more speed , and more balance with its new grip which minimizes vibrations and adds grip . The new combination of materials, 18K carbon fiber and the MLD Black Eva multi-layer core , gives it a very comfortable touch while maintaining a solid feel and relatively high rigidity.


Racket shape: Diamond
Frame: 18K Carbon
Foam: MLD Black EVA
Weight: 360-375g
Thickness: 38 mm
Balance: Leading


Designed withAgustin Tapiafor the 2024 season for all players looking for amaximum aggressionin their attack strokes, with a shape indiamond.ThereNOX AT Genius Attack 18Know offersmore speed, Andmore balancewith its new grip whichminimizes vibrationsAndadds grip. The new combination of materials, the18K carbon fiberand the multi-layered heartMLD Black Eva, gives him avery comfortable touchwhile maintaining a solid feeling and relatively high rigidity.