Nox AT10 Luxury GENIUS 18K 2024 by Agustín Tapia padel racket

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The new padel racket from Agustín Tapia for the 2024 season represents a total technological revolution. New mold, new materials and new technologies so you can feel the padel of the future today.


Racket shape: Teardrop
Frame: 18K Carbon
Foam: MLD Black EVA
Weight: 360-375g
Thickness: 38 mm


More balance, more speed

The edges of the profiles have been profiled to increase aerodynamics, the grip has been lengthened to facilitate handling, but what stands out most is the incorporation of theEOS Flap technology, side perforations designed to increase the maneuverability of the racket and distribute the weight so that you have a fast and lethal racket in your hands.

Comfortable, solid and reliable

The new combination of materials, with aluminized carbon fiber18K Aluminumin communion with the multilayer coreMLD Black Eva, gives it a very comfortable feeling while preserving a feeling of solidity and medium hardness.

Additionally, the properties of aluminized carbon fiber make it more resistant to temperature changes, reducing changes in racquet feel caused by temperature changes.

Less vibration, more grip

The racket handle is the connection point between your body and your racket, which is why we have paid special attention to this part of the racket. On the one hand, we have incorporated technologyPulse System, two rubber bands designed to absorb vibrations. Furthermore, the entire Luxury range is now equipped as standard with patented technologyNOX Custom Grip®certified byTestea Padelto increase grip and reduce vibration.

It includes the pioneering system of replaceable safety lacesSmartstrap®,which has evolved into a compact piece for increased strength and safety..More hygienic, safer and more customizable.