Head Speed ​​Pro padel racket

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Show the extent of your game and vary the pleasures with the versatile SPEED PRO padel racket for advanced players, which has been updated with new Auxetic technology.

Racket shape: Teardrop
Surface: Fiberglass
Foam: Power Foam
Weight: 370g
Thickness: 38 mm


For more power and feel at impact, the versatile SPEED PRO racket features innovative Auxetic technology. Advanced players can easily mix things up, play an offensive game and place the ball where they want, with a racquet that offers the ideal blend of control and power. Play a fraction of a second faster with the SPEED PRO, which weighs 5 grams less than its predecessors and features a hybrid striking surface of woven carbon and fiberglass, as well as a new soft "Soft Buttcap" for better feel and touch. Its high performance combines with a distinctive new look, with a copper note and a matte and glossy finish.

• Innovative Auxetic technology offers more power and sensation at impact
• Ideal blend of power and control for advanced players
• Hybrid striking surface made of woven carbon and fiberglass
• New soft “Soft Buttcap” for better feel and touch
• Distinctive look with a copper note and a matte and glossy finish