Head Speed ​​Pro 2024 (310g)

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Grip: 2
The latest version of the SPEED PRO 2024 TENNIS RACKET, recommended by Jannik Sinner, is suitable for advanced competitive players with a fast game.

Weight (unstrung): 300 g
Screen size: 645 cm²/100 in
Balance (unstrung): 310 mm
String pattern: 18/20
Composition: Graphite


Designed to guarantee speed and a fast swing, the SPEED PRO 2024 now offers an even smoother feel and more sensation thanks to the introduction of new Auxetic 2.0 technology. One of the best-sellers in the SPEED series recommended by Jannik Sinner, this racket is designed for advanced competitive players looking for optimal control for their fast-paced game. Its balance has been reduced by five millimeters to improve handling and power control.

• For advanced tournament players
• Optimal control for fast-paced games
• Sensational, softer feeling
• Ultimate connection between player and racket
• Balance reduced by 5mm
• Improved handling and controllable power
• New design with a softer-touch varnish