Head Speed ​​Motion padel racket

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The lightest racket in the SPEED range, the versatile SPEED MOTION padel racket features new Auxetic technology and helps advanced players play a fast and varied game.

Racket shape: Teardrop
Surface: Fiberglass
Foam: Power Foam
Weight: 360g
Thickness: 38 mm


Play a fraction of a second faster and put the ball where you want with the easy-to-handle and versatile SPEED MOTION racket. Enjoy an attacking game with the lightest racquet in the range, approved by Ari Sanchez, which offers a blend of power and control. Advanced players can easily vary the pleasures with this teardrop-shaped racket which is equipped with innovative Auxetic technology for more power and sensation at impact. Featuring a hybrid striking surface made of woven carbon and fiberglass, the SPEED MOTION racket has a new soft “Soft Buttcap” which improves sensation and touch. With its coppery notes, it has a distinctive new modern look.

• Innovative Auxetic technology offers more power and sensation at impact
• Lightest racket in the SPEED range
• Versatile and easy to handle for advanced players who have a fast and varied game
• Hybrid striking surface made of woven carbon and fiberglass
• New soft “Soft Buttcap” tip which improves sensations and touch