Head Radical Elite padel racket

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Beginner and intermediate players can enjoy radical control with the new RADICAL ELITE PADEL RACQUET, which also offers comfort and power.


Racket shape: Teardrop
Surface: Fiberglass
Weight: 365g
Thickness: 38 mm


Part of a new series of teardrop models and made from a new mold, the RADICAL ELITE PADEL RACQUET offers radical control for intermediate and advanced players. Its reduced weight and balance promote good control, while the fiberglass of its striking surface offers a soft touch for greater comfort and power. Innovative Auxetic technology provides extra power and more sensation at impact, and the Soft Butt Cap system dampens vibrations for a more pleasant sensation. The Radical features an exclusive colorful design that will allow you to make a remarkable entrance onto the pitch.

• Radical control for intermediate and advanced players
• New series of teardrop models made from a new mold
• Reduced weight and balance for more controlled play
• Fiberglass on the striking surface for a softer touch
• Auxetic technology for more power and sensation at impact
• Soft Butt Cap technology dampens vibrations for a smoother playing feel
• Exclusive colorful design