Head Extreme MP L (285g)

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Grip: 1
A true effects machine for young advanced players, the lighter EXTREME MP L has been enhanced with cutting-edge Auxetic technology, which helps you create superb effects and surprise your opponents.

Weight (unstrung): 285 g
Screen size: 645 cm²/100 in
Balance (unstrung): 325 mm
String pattern: 16/19
Composition: Graphite


Give the ball extreme spin and surprise your opponents with the EXTREME MP L model, a lighter version of the EXTREME MP. Designed for young, good players looking for spin and power, and recommended by Matteo Berrettini, this racket has been improved with innovative Auxetic technology, for precise and exceptional sensations at impact. The EXTREME MP L features a unique spin-enhancing handle and rods, which reinforce the movement of the string and create a powerful trampoline effect upon impact with the ball. These extreme performances are accompanied by an innovative and daring design.

• New Auxetic technology for exceptional impact sensations
• Lighter version of the EXTREME MP
• Extreme spin for young, high-level players
• Recommended by Matteo Berrettini
• Bold new design