Head Boom Team (275g)

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Grip: 2

The new explosive and fun BOOM TEAM TENNIS RACKET is perfect for intermediate players, with its more forgiving frame.


Weight (unstrung): 275 g
Screen size: 660 cm²/102 in
Balance (unstrung): 330 mm
String pattern: 16/19
Composition: Graphite


Focus on having fun with the new BOOM TEAM. Power is combined with the exceptional feel of the new and innovative Auxetic construction, so you can simply enjoy the moment. Hitting tennis balls is such a pleasure with this racket that you'll never want to stop. The all-new BOOM TEAM features a softer frame for greater ease of play, and will improve your power and confidence in your game.

• Explosive power
• For intermediate players
• Exceptional sensations
• Softer frame for greater ease of play
• New racket shape