Head balls Tour Duo Pack x2 (SwissTennis)

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HEAD Tour tennis ball box. High performance pressurized tennis ball, made from premium high density felt and suitable for all surfaces. Ideal for training or leisure.



The high-end tennis ball for more speed:
Thanks to Dynamic (EN)Core technology, the HEAD TOUR represents a perfect blend of speed and rotation, and therefore acceleration of the game. Official tournament ball of many ATP/WTA events, it brilliantly resists serves, hits the most powerful rights and setbacks in the world. Choose the iconic HEAD TOUR gold tube if you play in a club or tournament, or simply if you are looking for the ideal ball to improve your game. The new, more durable packaging uses less plastic and is easier to recycle.

  • Liveliness and performance
  • Optimized speed
  • Improved longevity
  • Recommended for moderate temperatures and slower hard or clay courts