Head balls Tour x4 (SwissTennis)

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The HEAD TOUR tennis ball, which was developed with the support of professional players, is now offered in more ecological packaging. Thanks to Dynamic (EN)Core technology, the HEAD TOUR represents the pinnacle of speed and rotation. It is the official ball of many tennis clubs, tournaments and federations.



The high-end tennis ball for more speed:

Thanks to Dynamic (EN)Core technology, the HEAD TOUR represents a perfect blend of speed and rotation, and therefore acceleration of the game. Official tournament ball of many ATP/WTA events, it brilliantly resists serves, hits the most powerful rights and setbacks in the world. Choose the iconic HEAD TOUR gold tube if you play in a club or tournament, or simply if you are looking for the ideal ball to improve your game. The new, more durable packaging uses less plastic and is easier to recycle.

  • Liveliness and performance
  • Optimized speed
  • Improved longevity
  • Recommended for moderate temperatures and slower hard or clay courts