Solinco Tour Bite Reel - 200m

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Gauge: 1.25
The Solinco Tour Bite string is a monofilament co-polyester string that provides excellent control. This is a very good string for players looking for control and accessibility to spin. It allows you to put power into the balls thanks to its square shape.

Roll: 200 m
Type: Monofilament


If you are an intensive player or an excellent competitive player who likes to put spin on the ball, the REFLEX MLT string, the most comfortable of HEAD's premium multifilament strings, is exactly what you need. Thanks to its special 100% nylon multifilament structure, the string offers greater control, while the unique PU resin provides great comfort and also protects the arm. A special low-friction sheath ensures that the string returns perfectly in place after each strike, allowing you to achieve all the desired spin. Thanks to its unique composition and structure, the REFLEX MLT string combines all the advantages of a quality multifilament and provides you with all the explosiveness you need.