Head Hawk Reel - 200m

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Gauge: 1.25
If there is a string that perfectly integrates control and explosive power, it is HAWK. The crystalline core of this monofilament string improves control, while the outer molecular chains influence power. Crystal Core technology, a unique manufacturing process, ensures the perfect balance between these two qualities. Offering excellent spin, this long-lasting string is particularly suitable for high-level players playing competitive tennis. Because after all, with great power comes great responsibility.

Roll: 200 m
Type: Monofilament


If you equip your racket with this string, it would be good if you have already mastered your game well. Thanks to the innovative Crystal Core technology, a process which allows the balance between power and control to be influenced for each string, the HAWK monofilament string TOUCH has a larger crystalline core, providing perfect control of the game. This string is intended for high-level players who play competitive tennis. Its elasticity allows for precise feedback from the string as well as excellent sensations. This string is ideal for playing versatile tennis and perfectly controlling each shot and, ultimately, the match. If you're a control fanatic, HAWK TOUCH is just what you need.