Babolat Technical Vertuo 2023 padel racket

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We all want to score points… We are all ATTACKERS!

This is one of the conclusions of our study which allowed us to identify different player profiles. Among them, the technical striker wants to lead the point and use his technique and strength to make the difference.

To perfectly meet the needs of this player, we have developed the Technical Vertuo which provides easy power and precision on both attack shots.

The softest version of this new generation of racquets will encourage you to smash it and be a TECHNICAL STRIKER.


Racket shape: Diamond
Frame: Carbon
Surface: Fiberglass
Foam: Multi-EVA
Weight: 355g
Thickness: 38 mm
Balance Type: Head Weight



The power of a racket depends on the player using it. This is a reality and that's why we used soft materials on this racket so that you can benefit from the elasticity of the surface of the latter. You'll have effortless power that helps you express the best in your game.


The TECHNICAL STRIKER must be decisive on every attack move. For this, precision is essential. Thanks to its drilling plan adapted to its diamond shape, this racket will make your shots as decisive as a surgical strike.


Playing comfort is a key benefit when choosing a racket. To make sure you can enjoy playing as often as you want, we developed this racket with softer materials and a lighter weight to reduce arm fatigue and give you more endurance and comfort.