Babolat Pure Drive (300gr)

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Grip: 2

For some, she is the very definition of power. You'll probably call it "your unfair advantage." We call it the Pure Drive.

In 1994, Babolat launched the Pure Drive tennis racquet, which quickly established itself as a benchmark in terms of power. With all subsequent models, we have evolved and innovated to meet the demands of the game. No wonder the Pure Drive is one of the most popular and versatile rackets in the world. The 10th generation of the Pure Drive tennis racquet takes your game to the next level with explosive power and better feel.

If you're looking for the perfect balance between power and feel with every ball strike, you'll love the Pure Drive racket.

*the racket is strung with its original string


Weight (unstrung): 300g
Sieve size: 645 cm²
Length: 685mm
Balance (unstrung): 320 mm
Inertia: 290
String pattern: 16/19
Rigidity (RA): 72
Composition: Graphite



Do you want power? Do not search anymore. Whatever your level, it's the power that made this racket iconic. Not only is it widely used on the tour, but it is also one of the best-selling rackets of all time due to its versatility, synonymous with power for all types of players.


Would you like to have a little more pep when the going gets tough? Explosiveness is the solution. When the intensity goes up a notch, you can count on your racquet to do exactly what you expect: deliver a killer shot, even on an off-center shot. A new framework has been developed especially for this purpose: to make you smile and make your opponent grimace.


Do you need sensations? Feel the difference. Yes, feel is important, even with a frame designed for power. It's obvious that if you can't control your shots, power is of no use. Prepare yourself for a new experience that you will feel but also hear, thanks to a unique sound on impact.