Babolat Pure Aero 6x racket bag

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The Babolat RH6 PURE bag is one of the best sellers in the range, thanks to its disruptive design and its enriched functions. We have forged a new version of the RH6 PURE AERO that is more ergonomic and more robust. Spacious and versatile, this RH6 is separated into two compartments. The main compartment can hold four rackets as well as everything you need to shine on the court. The second (which can easily accommodate two rackets) is insulated to protect your strings from sudden temperature variations.



Designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding players, the RH6 Pure Aero has two side pockets, ideal for storing your keys, your phone badges, your grips or tissues to offer to your defeated opponent... In order to offer you what is being done What's more, we developed this RH6 bag with an ultra-resistant, waterproof and durable exterior material. The interior of the bag benefits from our new “color-free lining”, a 100% recycled and dye-free material.