Babolat Air Vertuo padel racket

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We all want to score points… We are all ATTACKERS!

By studying the game, we identified different player profiles. Among them, the aerial attacker is super dynamic, he seizes every opportunity to get to the net and uses his speed to generate power.

To express the best of your game, we developed the Air Vertuo which offers easy power with extreme maneuverability .

This lighter, softer version of this new generation of racquets will inspire you to come out of nowhere and be an AIR STRIKER.

Ideal racket also for Juniors aged 14+ who want an adult-sized racket.


Racket shape: Diamond
Frame: Carbon
Surface: Fiberglass
Foam: Multi-EVA
Weight: 345g
Thickness: 38 mm
Balance Type: Head Weight



The power of a racket depends on the player using it. This is a reality and that's why we used soft materials on this racket so that you can benefit from the elasticity of the surface of the latter. You'll have effortless power that helps you express the best in your game.


Using your speed to make a difference, what if you could have an extremely maneuverable racquet with even more power? You would probably think that it’s not possible… But we did it! Thanks to its new hybrid shape and light weight, you will be able to move even faster and generate power. Now you can truly be the AIR STRIKER you want to be.


Playing comfort is a key benefit when choosing a racket. To make sure you can enjoy playing as often as you want, we developed this racket with softer materials and a lighter weight to reduce arm fatigue and give you more endurance and comfort.


A system allowing the strap to be removed: it can be washed or changed, as you wish.


Powered by SMAC Better absorption of vibrations thanks to a new elastomer material integrated into the graphite of the heart of the racket which provides more comfort with each shot and reduces the risk of injury.


The reliefs on the surface of the racket increase the spin of the ball.