Babolat Aero Evo Lite (260g)

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Grip: 1

For you, tennis is a game but also a sport, which rhymes with pleasure, surpassing oneself and effort. This is how the Evo Aero racket has everything you need to progress easily while having fun on the court. This tennis racket will give you the perfect balance between power and comfort on each of your ball shots. The screen has also been redesigned to allow you to easily add spin to the ball and improve safety. Its sporty and resolutely modern design will allow you to combine performance and style on the court!

* the racket is delivered with its original string


Weight (unstrung): 260 g
Sieve size: 660 cm²
Length: 685mm
Balance (unstrung): 320 mm
Inertia: 280
String pattern: 16/19
Rigidity (RA): 71
Composition: Graphite


Easy power

You told us that you need power for your game. We have therefore designed a racket made for you and imagined a new concept: easy power. Thanks to its new construction and a 660 cm² head size, it has never been easier to return a long and powerful ball.


The viscoelastic material dampens vibrations and provides a softer sound at the moment of impact between the ball and the string, which provides a pleasant feeling of comfort.

Surprising effect

Equipped with a brand new 16×18 string pattern, the aerodynamic frame of the Evo Aero will allow you to generate spin on the ball more easily on each of your shots and gain in safety. The reinforced trampoline effect will give you extra power while requiring less energy.