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How to choose your padel racket?
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How to choose your padel racket?

So what are the specificities for these forms?

1. Round : maneuverable and more control-oriented, the palas are rather comfortable with a low balance. Right-wing player, more focused on defensive play and who varies the game as much as possible, this is happiness for you! Excellent for beginners too. NB: if you have shoulder pain, we advise you to move towards this form.

2. Drop of water : better ratio between control and power, it is recommended for all levels of play thanks to its great control and good level of power. This is the best-selling form currently.

3. Diamond : powerful and technical, these rackets are intended for advanced players. With a smaller sweet spot and a higher balance, these are the most physically demanding palas.

As a bonus, a fourth form has recently been trying to find a place for itself. Objective: to allow brands to take the positive points of several existing forms. Hybrid rackets are becoming more and more common in an attempt to gain versatility.

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